DONNA D'Amore P.E., Owner
Registered Civil Engineer in MA
M.S. Mechanicall Engineering
B.S. CIvil Engineering
Grade IV D Water License
MA D.E.P. Soil Evaluator
Certified Backflow Preventor Testor


Massachusetts Water Resources Authority Waterworks Division - Manager, Operations Engineering Department Superintendent, Distribution Section - 8 years
Camp, Dresser & McKee, Inc. - Project Manager, 13 years


MA Water Works Association
NE Water Works Association
Maine Water Utilities Association
Northeastern University Century Club

EDWARD K. Hannigan, Supervisor, Field Services

Grade 1 D Water License


Live tapping - water, sewer, steam & jet fuel lines
Pressure testing and disinfection of water mains
Insertion valves & linestops
All facets of water main construction
Pipeline construction for potable water systems & fire suppression systems