Pipe Dreams

As I stated in early 2020, we anticipated that 2020 would be a banner year, and it did not disappoint us, despite COVID.  Once the lockdown went into effect in March, then everyone’s pipes decided to break and we were inundated with emergencies that required linestops.    We did just about every conceivable size tap on every conceivable type of pipe this year, with an increase in work with our industrial customers including Harvard, MIT and the Comfort Inn Group.   We also performed over 40 linestops this year, with the largest being a 36-inch. Most were in the 16″ – 24″ range.  In the water treatment end of our business, we also performed several water treatment plant disinfections on the plant and greensand filters, as well as designed and performed a 50 MG storage tank dechlorination utilizing an auto system in New Bedford.  We will do the other side of the tank this year.

The biggest achievement this year is that we expanded our territory into the Mid-Atlantic ( 2 years late I know) and in doing so, FOUND NEW FRIENDS!!!.  Very Exciting.  Please look at our spotlight project at the Dundalk Marine Terminal in the Port of Baltimore.  A great job with an outstanding GC.

As many of you know, Ed and I have been together, forever it seems.  And no one can understand how we work together day in and day out and still stay happily married.  I chalk it up to we basically drive separate trucks, so we can stew on the way back to the shop.  Hilarious.

But I had someone once tell me that with any long term marriage, as we all get older,  the looks may go, but as long as we keep making each other laugh, that is all that counts. And the way this crazy world has evolved in the last year and all of the changes (for good and bad), we have seen, I don’t think think keeping a sense of humor pertains to just marriage.  It pertains to everything.

So tomorrow morning, as you put your boots on to go to another day of work, double masked to avoid contracting COVID, start the day with a smile and a bounce in your step.  Remember, you can still see smiles behind the masks.

Till the next time