Pipe Dreams

2019 was another CRAZY year for South Shore Pipeline Services, Inc.!!  As usual, the year started off with a substantial amount of emergency linestops in the winter.  It is funny, some years we are inundated with cylinder pipe taps and linestops.  Other years we are into steel linestops and taps.  Some years it seems that all we do is wastewater.  Other years it is all water work, industrial chilled water systems and steam.  We thoroughly enjoy it ALL! But it keeps us on our toes!!

As the year progressed, we found ourselves in state probably 75 % of the time providing our exceptional services to our loyal customers.  Whether it was tapping, pressure testing and disinfection, linestops, insertion valves, etc., the work flowed week after week.  The year just seemed to fly by.  And by November, we had already secured several substantial contracts for 2020.

2020 has already shown that it will surpass all previous years in gross sales with work we have under contract to date.  We are currently working on the MIT North Corridor wind tunnel job where we are providing sets of dual 16-inch linestops and bypass piping on the chilled water and return steel lines.  Extremely small site, lots of great people, very exciting!.  We have a 42-inch linestop in CT coming up in the fall of 2020.  And lots of sizes in between now and then.

Last summer we had the opportunity to have a mechanical engineering student from Union College apprentice with us and he will be back this summer.  We also have a civil engineering student coming in the Fall from Wentworth.  Hoping one or both of these gentlemen will want to come work full time when they graduate.  They would be a wonderful asset to the company.

Just an FYI, the Peterbilt service truck did arrive finally in November, exactly 12 months after it was ordered.  It is gorgeous.  It is a much bigger truck than the 4500, so Ed is still getting used to it.  But it is a welcome addition to our fleet.  When the weather gets better, we will have to get another aerial shot of the fleet just for fun!  And the 4500 is not going away.  A new 5500 cab and chassis has been ordered so there will be a body switch coming up soon and that will become our truck that will be dedicated to sewer testing.

As C.S. Lewis said, “There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.”  Hoping this is another spectacular year.

Til the next time